Thinking about buying a home?

Its hard to know, if you watch the news, if now is a good time to buy a home, or not?  There is so much information supporting or refuting the timing for such an important decision.  Via this blog I hope to help shed some light on the central texas real estate market so that you, a prospective home buyer or seller, will be better informed and therefore make the perfect decision for you.  I’d love to answer any questions you have about real estate; and I can assure you, if I don’t know the answer- I’ll take the time to find the answer.


One thought on “Thinking about buying a home?

  1. It’s probably getting better, but last summer was a horrible time to sell a house! Not only were normal people not buying, but the real estate investers were lurking like vultures. Every one of them wanted to buy a house for much less than market value and did everything possible to make the sellers think that their house needed major repairs and was worth next to nothing!!! One even hired a roofer to inspect our roof before he even made an offer. The report indicated that we had hail damage and needed a new roof–not true!!! It took a lot of resolve to stick to our price until the house finally sold to a real buyer!!!

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