Nightmare: Renting in New York. Is there a fix?

Urban Compass: can a startup finally fix the nightmare of renting an apartment in NYC?

What do you think? Certinaly an exceptionally innovative approach to real estate- and with that mind power behind it I only think there is only one way to go with this and that is up.


New Hotel at HCG!

Following a very late night, City Council has approved a new hotel at the HCG! The hotel will be located along Bee Cave Parkway, behind Primrose School and Dicks Sporting goods- across from the apartment complex. The hotel will be 5-6 stories, the brand has not been confirmed but is believed to be “Sonesta.” This is good news for the 3 NYSE companies headquartered at the mall.


With the start of sxsw upon us- here is a fantastic inforgraphic on the event.  We are becoming more and more visual consumers and these infographs are a great way to capture an audience quickly.  Infographs present information in a highly organized way- great for fast consumption.    Lots of information can be shared quickly to a variety of audience types through the use of this communication medium.  Thanks Rock Sauce Studios for the great piece! 


In response to rumors that Covert cars were no longer being displayed at the Hill Country Galleria, we reached out to owner’s representative Adrian Overstreet. He told us that “as with all of our tenants, we honored our lease with Covert Cadillac and it has now expired persuant to its terms”. The Galleria came under much criticism for the displayed vehicles – from the dealership group that is developing on Highway 71 amid huge public outcry.


After years of no elections this year sees six candidates for three seats for Bee Cave City Council:

  • Michelle Bliss
  • Bill Goodwin (incumbent)
  • Kara King
  • Paul Kline
  • Jack McCool (incumbent)
  • Chad Willbanks

Write ins have a few more weeks to stand.

Farmers Market!

Lone Star Farmer’s Market makes its debut in Bee Cave this Sunday (March 3rd) near Lowes in the Shops at the Galleria. Moving from Lakeway Commons, the market will feature all the usual vendors every Sunday from 10 am until 2 pm. This Sunday, there will also be live music from local favorite JoAnna Lee Sousa.